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What should be paid attention to when installing ductile iron manhole covers?

Jul. 26, 2019

What should be paid attention to when installing ductile iron manhole covers? Shared by Ductile iron manhole covers factory.

1. In order to ensure the basic strength requirements, it is necessary to install the cement foundation with ductile iron grate before; Ductile iron Grating.

2. Install eccentric ductile cast iron grate of any shape as required. To meet practical requirements, the brick masonry of the manhole cover, inner diameter or length X width and square circle shall be designed by the design institute according to the size of the manhole cover. Cast a 40cm wide concrete protective ring around the manhole cover, and the maintenance period should be more than 10 days. After installing the ductile iron grating, install fastening screws around the grating and grouting at the bottom of the frame to prevent the ductile iron grating falling off due to various reasons.

Ductile iron Grating

Ductile iron square manhole cover

In order to keep the cover beautiful and the surface pattern and writing clear, the iron or wood cover covers the cover when applying asphalt pavement. The black cover can also be coated with waste oil to prevent asphalt spraying on the cover. In the construction of cement pavement, plastic cover is used to cover the cover to prevent cement mortar from contaminating the cover surface and damaging the pattern and writing on the surface. You can also clean the surface of the manhole cover with water at the end of the day.

After laying concrete seat and pouring plaster or asphalt, the cover should be opened and cleaned in time to prevent mortar or asphalt from checking the cover and seat. Pour one in so as not to interfere with future openings. When installing manhole cover on asphalt pavement, pay attention to avoid the construction machinery crushing the wellsite directly. When casting the entire pavement, a hole slightly larger than the well seat should be reserved on the pavement and placed after asphalt is laid. For the installation requirements of the spheroidal graphite cast iron grate, please pay attention to the construction unit.

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