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Ductile Iron Gully Grating

Municipal Drainage Grating

Product superiority:


2----Load-bearing great

3----Corrosion resistant

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Use: Municipal drainage ductile iron grating are mainly used for drainage of municipal roads and general roads, factory drainage, basement drainage, general building drainage facilities and inspection well facilities.

Advantage: The tensile strength and pressure resistance of the ductile iron grating are good. Compared with the resin composite material and the cement material, the elongation rate is much improved, and it has good pressure resistance and is not easily damaged.

Product superiority:


2----Load-bearing great

3----Corrosion resistant

4----Opens conveniently

5----Superior safety performance

Product Description:

Materials: ductile iron (GGG50), grey iron (GG20)

Standard: EN124,BSEN124, UNIEN124

Load weight: B125 C250 D400 E600

Specs: according to all client's drawings

Packing: ply wooden pallet / case with plastic layer

Paint: anti-rust bituminous painting

It is widely used in the urban drainage system and road facilities.

Type: rounded, square, rectangular, double triangle, double seal


CodeClassMaterialGrating SizeHeightWeight
Grating-05AD400Ductile Iron600x400 mm100 mm70 KGS/Set
Grating-05BC250Ductile Iron600x400 mm75 mm46 KGS/Set