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Manhole Cover-04
Manhole Cover-04

Ductile Iron Manhole Cover

Ductile Iron Manhole Cover

1----MOQ:10 Tons

2----Payments: T/T or D/P or L/C

3----Port of Loading: Tianjin

4----Supply Ability: 800 Tons per Month

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Manhole Cover-04

Ductile Iron Manhole Cover

Advantage of hinged manhole cover:


--Load-bearing great

--Corrosion resistant

--Opens conveniently

--Superior safety performance


Main Function:

It can be said that ductile iron manhole cover is the only medium connecting the ground and the ground, and it is also the main outlet for water discharge on the ground. In most cases, it plays a role in avoiding the falling phenomenon of road roadway and vehicles and pedestrians. Therefore, manhole cover has an extremely strong hardness and strength, and even can withstand the weight of dozens of tons of truck, which is more safe and efficient to ensure the travel safety of people and vehicles.

Class of manhole cover and frame:

Ductile Iron Manhole Cover

CLASS A15 - Areas to be used only by pedestrians and cyclists.

CLASS B125 - Pavements, pedestrianized areas and similar surfaces, parking areas and multistorey car parks.

CLASS C250 - For covering devices installed on roadsides and in gutters at the side of streets.

CLASS D400 - Road surfaces (including pedestrianized streets), hard shoulders and parking areas for vehicles of all kinds.

CLASS E600 - Areas used by heavy vehicles, such as surfaces in airport and dock facilities.

CLASS F900 - Areas subject to particularly heavy loading, for example surfaces in airports.

Material and Standard:

Materials of manhole cover: ductile iron (GGG50), gray iron (GG20)

Standard: EN124,BSEN124, UNIEN124


CodeClassMaterialClear openingOverall dimensionHeight
MHC-04dD400ductile iron600*600mm820*820mm100 mm
MHC-04cC250ductile iron600*600mm820*820mm75 mm

Package: plywood pallet with plastic film

Ductile Iron Manhole Cover

Manufacturing process:

Molding-Pouring-Shot blasting-Polishing-Painting

Ductile Iron Manhole Cover

Why Choose Us:

History-Since 1987, with more than 30 years history on casting

Cost-Direct manufacturer, strictly cost control to guarantee the competitive price

Inspection-Not only produce products, but also provide special designed product upon request. With the technical support, supervision all-time and quality track service

Market-nearly 60 customers located in around 30 countries including Spain, Morocco, Romania, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Poland, Mauritius, UK etc.