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Cast Iron Gully Grating

Cast iron Gully Grating

Material: ductile iron

MOQ: 10 Tons

Loading port: Tianjin

Supply ability: 800 Tons per month

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Cast Iron Gully Grating Advantage:

The tensile strength and pressure resistance of cast iron grill are good. Compared with the resin composite material and the cement material, the elongation rate is much improved, and it has good pressure resistance and is not easily damaged.



Channel grating are mainly used for drainage of municipal roads and general roads, factory drainage, basement drainage, general building drainage facilities and inspection well facilities.

Class of Drainage grid:

Ductile Iron Grating

CLASS A15 - Areas to be used only by pedestrians and cyclists.

CLASS B125 - Pavements, pedestrianised areas and similar surfaces, parking areas and multistorey car parks.

CLASS C250 - For covering devices installed on roadsides and in gutters at the side of streets.

CLASS D400 - Road surfaces (including pedestrianised streets), hard shoulders and parking areas for vehicles of all kinds.

CLASS E600 - Areas used by heavy vehicles, such as surfaces in airport and dock facilities.

Ductile Iron Grating Specification:

Grating-03D400ductile iron800x800 mm930x930 mm100 mm76 KGS/Set

Package: plywood pallet with plastic film

Ductile Iron Grating

Manufacture process:

Ductile Iron Grating

About us:

Botou Junteng Casting Co., Ltd. is located in the west of Botou City which covers the area of 30,000 square meters including the production area 15,000 square meters, The fixed assets are 1 million US dollars. There are 30 workers at present including 8 skilled workers and 2 engineers. We have upright centrifugal molding, horizontal centrifugal molding, metal gravity casting, sand gravity casting, die-casting and polishing equipment and production crafts. Our products series include iron, aluminum and copper materials.

Ductile Iron Grating