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Current Situation and Development of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Technology(Part 2)

Jul. 02, 2020

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3. Features of aluminum alloy die-casting technology

Aluminum alloy die-casting products cover a wide range of fields, in addition to automobiles, aviation, national defense, but also include mobile phones, home appliances, and some communications industries. Aluminum alloys have good performance, high precision, and toughness. Aluminum alloy products in life are everywhere.  The characteristics of aluminum alloy die-casting technology are as follows:

3.1. Wide range of applications

3.2. High precision of castings and good surface smoothness

3.3. High production efficiency

3.4. Improve material utilization

3.5. The cast product has high strength and good toughness

4. Analysis of the current situation of aluminum alloy die-casting technology

With the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, the manufacturing industry has also promoted the rapid development of the die-casting industry. China's industrialization level has been significantly improved, and it has gradually developed into a world die-casting country.  With the rapid development of China's automotive, precision industry, manufacturing, home appliance industry, and communication equipment industries, China has introduced more and more foreign die casting industry advanced technology levels. Through learning and researching advanced technology, the domestic die casting industry gradually moves towards independent research and development  At this stage, the transformed precision castings are also increasing year by year.

As the most important industry in the die casting industry, the auto parts manufacturing industry, especially the increase in the demand for automotive aluminum alloy die casting products, has a direct impact on the development of the entire die casting industry.  From the perspective of the structure of automobiles, in addition to some precision parts, such as engines, gearboxes, and electronic control systems, aluminum alloy dies castings have begun to use more aluminum alloy die-casting technology.

At present, the technical level of China's die-casting industry has gradually matured, but the problems of aluminum alloy die-casting technology are still inevitable in the die-casting industry. The first is the problem of aluminum alloy raw materials. Some raw materials cannot meet the requirements and are used in equipment. It will cause the quality of the finished product to be unqualified, especially some wear parts, and the service life is short; secondly, the dimensional accuracy does not meet the requirements, and some special aluminum alloy materials with higher requirements, due to the uneven technical level of die-casting aluminum alloys, resulting in die-casting molds The shape is not the same, and the required precision cannot be achieved. During use, the finished product will be deformed or unusable. In order to meet the market demand, the die-casting process is improved from the following aspects: (1) New die-casting alloys are improved to improve the precision and toughness of the materials; (2) Die-casting alloy materials with stable performance and less susceptible composition are developed; (3 ) To develop green alloy materials with the goal of green and pollution-free; (4) To transform the die-casting process; (5) To improve the demand capacity of the die-casting industry; (6) Research and development of intelligent casting systems; (7) To die-cast aluminum motors The Die-casting aluminum motor shell component technology was improved. 

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