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Traffic Bollard

Traffic/road/street/outdoor bollard

Material: ductile iron

Process: sand cast

MOQ: 100 pieces

Loading port: Tianjin

Payment terms: T/T, D/P, L/C

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Use of traffic/road/street/outdoor barrier

1. Traffic Segregation (e.g. To separate traffic from pedestrian areas)

2. Traffic Calming (e.g. Road markings to control flow of traffic)

3. Physical Security(e.g. Outside of shop fronts to protect from vehicles)

4. Aesthetics (e.g. As a decoration in style)



safety bollard is mainly used in urban intersection lanes, hotels, communities, airports, banks, schools, business centers, stadiums, public and private sections, parking lots, or just to protect areas where vehicles are not allowed.


CodeMaterialHeightMax DiameterWeight
Bollard-05ductile iron1200 mm130 mm21 KGS/PC

Package: iron frame with plastic film

Traffic Bollard

Manufacture process:

sand molding-casting-shot blasting-polishing-painting

Traffic Bollard

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