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Ductile Iron Fixed Bollard

Material: ductile iron

Type: Fixed

MOQ: 100 pieces

Color: as required

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Main Feature:

The fixed barrier are divided into pre-buried and surface-type installations: the pre-buried fixed bollard will have an extension of more than 100 mm left in the ground, so that the installation are stronger and the impact resistance is slightly better. The other type installed on the surface have no underground extensions and are directly fixed to the ground with attachments, comparing to it, the fixed type is more suitable when the ground has been poured and laid.


Use of ductile iron barrier:

1. Traffic Segregation (e.g. To separate traffic from pedestrian areas)

2. Traffic Calming (e.g. Road markings to control flow of traffic)

3. Physical Security(e.g. Outside of shop fronts to protect from vehicles)

4. Aesthetics (e.g. As a decoration in style)


CodeMaterialHeightMax DiameterWeight
Bollard-02Ductile cast iron1000 mm200 mm31 KGS/PC

Ductile Iron Fixed Bollard

Decorative Bollards series:

Ductile Iron Fixed Bollard

Why choose us?

History-Since 1987, with more than 30 years history on casting

Cost-Direct manufacturer, strictly cost control to guarantee the competitive price

Material options- We can provide several ranges of street bollards, which protect your property from damage by vehicles in Ductile Iron, Gray Iron, Cast Aluminum or Stainless Steel.

OEM- We are capable to help our customers to design and manufacture all kinds of bollards according to any of your requirements.

Market-nearly 60 customers located in around 30 countries including Spain, Morocco, Romania, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Poland, Mauritius, UK etc.

Ductile Iron Fixed Bollard