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Manhole Cover-07
Manhole Cover-07Manhole Cover-07

Manhole Cover and Frame

Material: ductile iron

Shape: square

MOQ: 10 Tons

Loading port: Tianjin

OEM: Yes

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Manhole Cover-07Manhole Cover-07

Advantage of cast iron trench cover:

Manhole Cover and Frame

1----Anti-theft: cover and base frame integrate connection, hinge-type opening, sledgehammer hit not break it, completely anti-theft.

2----Load-bearing great: the toughness of ductile iron is fourfold that of ordinary cast iron, close to steel materials, suitable for all kinds of road use!

3----Corrosion resistant: Sewer internal environment complex, filled with various chemical substances, ductile iron does not suffer chemical corrosion, service life more than 30 years.

4---Opens conveniently: light weight, single unarmed can be open, convenient downhole maintenance!

5----Superior safety performance: It often occurred underground explosion accident, fly up covers scarred passers-by , manhole covers integration connections will not depart from the ground.


Application of square manhole cover:

Sewer, Road, Airport & Cargo Terminal, Ports and Water pipe line


codeclassmaterialclear openingoverall dimensionheight
MHC-07AB125 ductile cast iron270*270mm300*300mm25 mm
MHC-07BB125370*370mm400*400mm30 mm
MHC-07CB125470*470mm500*500mm30 mm
MHC-07DB125570*570mm600*600mm30 mm

Other series:

Manhole Cover and Frame

Package: plywood/iron pallet with plastic film

Manhole Cover and Frame

Loading test:

Manhole Cover and Frame

About us:

Manhole Cover and Frame

History-Since 1988, with more than 30 years history on casting

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