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Manhole Cover-05
Manhole Cover-05Manhole Cover-05Manhole Cover-05

Ductile Iron Sewer Cover

Material: ductile iron

Technology: sand casting

Shape: square

Class: B125, C250, D400

MOQ: 10 Tons

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Manhole Cover-05Manhole Cover-05Manhole Cover-05

Ductile Iron Sewer Cover

Ductile Iron Sewer Cover

Application of Cast iron cover and frame:

Sewer, Electronic, Sanitary, telecommunications, sewage, drainage, water, stormwater, fire protection etc.


codeclassmaterialclear openingoverall dimensionheight
MHC-05AB125 ductile cast iron250*250mm300*300mm25 mm
MHC-05BB125350*350mm400*400mm25 mm
MHC-05CB125450*450mm500*500mm25 mm
MHC-05DB125550*550mm600*600mm25 mm

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Ductile Iron Sewer Cover

Manhole cover series:

Ductile Iron Sewer Cover

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Ductile Iron Sewer Cover