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Cast Aluminum Parts

Material: aluminum

Type: OEM or ODM

MOQ: 100 pieces

Payment terms: T/T, L/C, D/P

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Cast Aluminum Parts

Feature of aluminum parts

1.It can cast blanks with very complicated shape and inner cavity. Such as: a variety of boxes, lather beds, racks and so on.

2.A wide range of applicability, from a few grams to hundreds of tons of castings can be.

3.Wide range of raw materials and low cost. For example: melt iron filings.

4.The shape of the casting is close to the size of the part, which reduces the machining allowance.

Process: sand casting

Why some products must use sand casting, not die casting?

1.Sand casting is one of the fastest and most cost-effective casting methods adopted in the production of metal prototypes.

2.Sand Casting is an excellent solution for low to medium runs of parts that do not require precise shape repeatability, as well as being the only solution for very large objects which cannot be produced with other mass production casting techniques.

3.Sand is an excellent low cost cast material because it is refractory and chemically inert. Sand casting is also ideal for the production of very complex components requiring sand cores (cold box or shell sand) for the most intricate details and having internal areas with variations in thickness.

Casting Production Capacity

 MaterialCast steel, cast aluminum, cast iron, cast copper
 Casting ProcessSand casting, die casting, investment casting, precision casting
Casting  dimension toleranceCT7
 Casting surface roughnessRa 12.5um
 Casting weight range0.1-3000kg
 Casting size3000mm Max

Machining Production Capacity

 Material Steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, plastic
 Machining process Milling, Turning, boring, drilling, grinding
 Machining precision ±0.02mm
 Machining surface roughness Ra0.8-6.3um
 Max machining stroke Milling: 3000mm  Turning: 6000mm
 Surface treatment Zinc plating, mirror polish, sand blasting, acid pickling, black   oxide, painting, hot galvanizing, powder coating, nickel plating

Inspection Item

Chemical analysis
Tensile strength
Elongation rate
Shrinkage rate
Impact test
Hardness test
Non-destructive test(including dye-penetrant, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and radiography)
Surface roughness test
CMM test

Manufacture process:

Cast Aluminum Parts

Package & Shipment

Delivery TimeWithin 20 Working Days
PackagingCarton, Wooden box, Steel pallet or Customized
ShippingBy Sea or Air

Cast Aluminum Parts