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Lamp Base
Lamp BaseLamp BaseLamp BaseLamp Base

Lamp Base

Height: 1.47m

Material: Aluminum

Fastener: Made of cast iron or cast aluminum with high intensity and corrosion protection

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Lamp BaseLamp BaseLamp BaseLamp Base

Product Introduce:

Lamp base is an ornament of lamp, which is used for landscape lamp or large outdoor lighting. Some are punched directly in the base, that is without flange. Some are sleeved on the flange.

Lamp base is generally decorated with patterns

Lamp base has various styles, and the materials are generally cast aluminum and cast iron. Processing of cast iron and cast aluminum requires mold. After forming, it is also necessary to polish the welded joint and then further surface treatment.

Product Feature:

1. Beautiful appearance

2. Plug-in installation

3. Light weight, easy to transport and install

4. Various surface treatment methods

Product Advantage:

1. Good anti-corrosion performance

2. Maintenance free

3. long service life

4. 100% recovery, low melting temperature, energy saving

5. Strong wind resistance and small amplitude

Product Description:

NameLamp Base
FastenerMade of cast iron or cast aluminum with high intensity and corrosion protection
FinishDark grey Hot galvanized and painting as standard, dark bronze, grey, matt black and other RAL color is available upon request.
OEM & ODMAcceptable
ApplicationLamp Post, Lighting Pole