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Aluminum Heat Sink
Aluminum Heat SinkAluminum Heat SinkAluminum Heat Sink

Aluminum Alloy Heat Sink

Die-casting aluminum heat sink: common materials ADC10 and ADC12

Extruded aluminum heat sink: common materials AL6061和AL6063

Stamped aluminum heat sink: common materials 5052、6061、6063

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Aluminum Heat SinkAluminum Heat SinkAluminum Heat Sink

Feature of led heat sink:

1. Have a certain heat dissipation area

2. Have a certain thermal conductivity

3. Higher thermal emissivity

4. Light weight

5. Easy processing

6. Corrosion-resistant


Advantage of thermal radiation heat sink:

1. Our heat sink is fin type, it is three times higher than traditional heat dissipation efficiency.

2. Lamp housing is integrated with the heat sink, which avoids the drawback that the traditional lamp housing cannot solve the LED heat dissipation.

3. Aluminum heat sink has good oxidation and corrosion resistance without adding any additives. The principle is that once the aluminum encounters oxygen in the air, it will form an oxide film, which is both tough and dense, preventing further corrosion on the bulk material.

Aluminum Alloy Heat Sink

Aluminum Alloy Heat Sink

Nameled street light heat sink
Materialaluminum or OEM
Colorsilver or customized
Techniquedie casting
ApplicationLamp parts industry

Production process:

Aluminum Alloy Heat Sink

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Aluminum Alloy Heat Sink


Q: Can you produce with special materials?

A: Yes, we can produce with special materials like, but there is MOQ for each order QTY.

Q: What is the lead time for sample and for production?

A: It takes about 30 to 60 days for tooling, depending on tooling structure; And it takes about 15-60 days for production, depending on different surface finishing and QTY.

Q: What is the best tolerance you can achieve?

A: 0.01mm

Q: What is your guarantee about quality?

A: We guarantee to return tooling advance payment if we failed to produce qualified sample.