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Research Progress of Die-Casting Aluminum Alloy (Part 2)

Jun. 18, 2020

2.1 Computer simulation technology

Computer simulation technology is currently mainly based on the numerical simulation of the flow field of die casting, the temperature field of the die casting mold/die casting, and the numerical simulation of the stress field of the die casting die/die casting. Vigorously develop computer simulation technology, perform filling and solidification analysis, and form an expert system on this basis to achieve the ideal cavity filling state and mold thermal equilibrium state, which can predict casting defects such as porosity and shrinkage of die castings and residual stress and deformation The situation and the life of the mold ensure the reliability of the design quality to obtain high-quality castings and high productivity. The die casting process is a complex flow, heat and mass transfer process. At present,most of the numerical simulation of the die-casting filling process starts from the material cake or the runner. The slow injection process of the pressure chamber and the effect of the slow injection on the rapid filling process are ignored. Yang Jiewang conducted a numerical simulation of the whole process including the injection of the pressure chamber. At the same time, in order to compare the influence of different filling methods on the filling shape, under the same algorithm, the filling process from the cake was also simulated. The results show that the full injection simulation can more accurately reflect the flow pattern of molten metal in the pressure chamber, runner and cavity. Studies have shown that: bringing more and more relevant physical quantities of the die-casting process into computer models or establishing more accurate mathematical models to describe complex die-casting processes can more accurately simulate the filling and solidification processes of the die-casting process, and further deepen the regularity of the die-casting filling and solidification process The understanding is worthy of deep study.

2.2 Aluminum alloy die casting technology

The development and application of new die-casting technologies (vacuum die-casting, oxygen-filled die-casting, squeeze casting, semi-solid die-casting and ultra-low-speed die-casting, etc.) have improved the forming conditions of the die-casting process, significantly improved the internal quality of the die-casting parts, and greatly improved the mechanical properties of the die-casting parts, Physical properties and corrosion resistance, especially hermeticity, heat treatability, and weldability. At present, the new die casting process for preparing high-performance parts has received more and more attention, especially the rheological die casting and ultra-low speed die-casting technology, and its basic research and application work are also constantly deep. In addition, the combination of different die-casting technologies has become the focus of research on die-casting technology.

Die-Casting Aluminum Parts

Die-Casting Aluminum Parts

2.2.1 Semi-solid rheological die-casting technology

Semi-solid die-casting technology can shorten the process flow and reduce energy consumption and has become a research hotspot of semi-solid processing technology.

2.2.3 Combined application of different die casting technologies

The combination of different die-casting technologies can give full play to the advantages of different die-casting technologies and improve the performance of die-casting parts. Vacuum die-casting machine developed by KimES. The typical characteristic of its die-casting process is to comprehensively consider the influence of the vacuum system before injection and the local extrusion system after injection on the mechanical properties of die-casting parts. This process has been applied to the production of aluminum alloy parts for motorcycle, electric bicycle wheels and automotive air- conditioning scroll compressors.

Traditional die-casting and forging combined die-casting and forging dual-control forming technology is concave, which not only can control the shape and size of parts like die-casting, but also can deform plastic parts and eliminate the defects such as porosity and looseness caused by die-casting due to forging, so as to obtain strength  Greatly improved, heat treatment can also be carried out.  It is mainly suitable for the production of automobile parts and other structural parts with complex shapes and high strength requirements.  But their shortcoming is that the investment of molding equipment is large, which restricts its application. Therefore, the development of low-cost, high-performance forming equipment, the optimization of process parameters and the stabilization of process control, and the transformation to industrialization are the next steps.

3 Conclusion

On the basis of existing die-casting aluminum parts, alloy element combinations should be further optimized, effective alloy design should be carried out, and alloy performance should be improved.  The alloying method is one of the most effective means to improve the performance of die-casting aluminum alloys. Although some progress has been made, there is still a long way to go before the alloy composition can be designed according to the expected performance indicators.  Fully considering the performance under various practical conditions and the economic feasibility under mass production conditions, a new type of high-performance die-cast aluminum alloy has been developed, which can broaden the application field of die-cast aluminum alloy. Advanced die casting technology (semi-solid die-casting, ultra-low speed die casting, etc.) is also an effective way to improve alloy performance.  For aluminum alloy die-casting technology, advanced die-casting technology should be improved from the equipment and process, and combined with computer simulation technology to promote the development of aluminum alloy die-casting technology.

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