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Which Company Has a Better Ductile Iron Storm Drain?

May. 15, 2020

Now, when using the ductile iron rain grate, people will put most of their energy on his device. Since only the correct device will be used, it will play a big role in the future. Understand the detailed installation requirements of ductile iron rain grate!

First: In order to ensure the fundamental strength requirements, before installing the rain grate, the cement base must be placed before installing the rain grate.

Second: After the rain grate is installed, the fastening screws should be installed around it, and the bottom of the frame should also be filled with cement mortar to avoid the rain grate from falling due to various reasons.

Third: According to the actual situation, any shape of the eccentric rain grate can be installed to meet the actual requirements.

Many people do not know how to install the rain grate, so on some roads inside the building, you can see that the drainage channel is around the road, without any protection measures, and it exists as an open channel. This is very simple, and accidents will occur, affecting the personal safety of pedestrians.

Ductile iron factory drainage grating has good tensile strength and compression resistance. Compared with resin composite and cement, its elongation rate has improved a lot, and it has excellent compression resistance and is not easy to damage. Not only is it good in pressure resistance, durable, and beautiful in appearance, the price is fair, and it is an irreplaceable reliable product.


1. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, drainage, high strength, many specifications, and low cost.

2. With the development of science and technology, a new type of ductile iron manhole cover grate is formed by using resin or plastic as reinforcement and inorganic filler to form a new type of ductile iron manhole cover grate. The advantage is light.

3. Anti-theft.

4. Good bearing capacity.

5. Drainage: The area of leaking water reaches 83.3%.

Ductile Iron Grating

Ductile Iron Grating 

The casting process of ductile iron grating mainly includes the following three parts:

1. Reasonable forging. According to the structure, weight, and size of the cast iron manhole cover, the characteristics of forged alloy and production conditions, select the appropriate parting and appearance, core making method, and reasonably set forging bars, cold iron, riser, and pouring system, etc., to ensure the cast iron The quality of the manhole cover.

Second, the quality of raw materials. Ductile iron manhole covers are used as shafts, such as crankshafts and connecting rods of diesel engines, which require high strength and comprehensive mechanical properties with good resistance. The cast iron manhole covers are tempered and treated. Cast iron manhole covers with high raw material quality are generally more expensive.

3. Planning of cast iron manhole cover. When planning, in addition to determining the working conditions and metal material properties, the shape and size of the cast iron manhole cover should also be considered from the perspective of forging alloys and forging characteristics to prevent or reduce the segregation and deformation of the components of the cast iron manhole cover, Cracking and other shortcomings.