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Anti-theft measures for cast iron manhole cover

Aug. 08, 2019

Anti-theft measures of cast iron manhole cover shared by cast iron parts factory China.

Ductile iron manhole cover has advantages of good toughness, strong corrosion resistance, good plasticity, high strength, high casting efficiency and low processing cost. By municipal roads, highways, communications, electricity, tap water, communities, schools and other parks are welcome. The only drawback is often stolen, causing hidden trouble, so resin covers manufacturers are also aimed at this shortcoming, make the following anti-theft measures.

Ductile iron artistic manhole cover

1, material theft

Anti-theft materials may be a lot of new users are not very understand, cast iron materials can also be anti-theft? The answer is yes. Because the manhole cover is different from the original cast iron material, now the material is made of spheroidal ink material, and the material is made of spheroidal ink material without any recycling value.

cast iron parts factory China

Ductile iron Grating

2, their own anti-theft measures

Cast iron manhole cover itself can add a metal watch chain, from the inside can be connected to the well ring and manhole cover as one, the most important anti-theft measures or device spring manhole cover, after the installation will automatically play a protective role, do not need special tools is not open the manhole cover, this spring is one of the anti-theft measures.

3, mechanical theft

For now had to manhole covers, regardless of the original have anti-theft lock, now also can easily add security measures, for example, to be able to quietly make a small hole on manhole covers, install a mechanical anti-theft lock, then add after this kind of lock to only use professional talents have tools to open cover, so this kind of anti-theft measures ten share lunch, are ten get feasible, low capital and ten to share.

4, there are some special cast iron anti-theft manhole cover with a design of new anti-theft lock and key with high hardness, anti-embroidery brass manufacturing, anti-theft lock in the daily use of the process of rust, so that the manhole cover does not open. The new five-proof double-layer cast iron manhole cover is designed with the combination of manhole cover and well ring.

Above is the Ductile iron parts factory to introduce the relevant content, hope to help you.