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Four Common Methods For Electroplating Of Die-Cast Aluminum Parts (Down)

Feb. 14, 2020

2. Alkaline electrolytic polishing process of aluminum:

The research of alkaline polishing solution system was carried out, and the effects of corrosion inhibitor and viscosity agent on the polishing effect were compared. The alkaline solution system with good polishing effect of die-casting aluminum parts was successfully obtained, and it was obtained for the first time. Additives that reduce operating temperature, extend solution life, and improve polishing results. The experimental results show that adding a suitable additive to the NaOH solution can produce a good polishing effect. Exploratory experiments have also found that the surface reflectance of the aluminum material can reach 90 after DC constant pressure electrolytic polishing with a NaOH solution of glucose under certain conditions %, But due to the unstable factors in the experiment, further research is needed. The feasibility of using DC pulse electrolytic polishing method to polish aluminum under alkaline conditions was explored. The results show that the pulse electrolytic polishing method can achieve the leveling effect of DC constant pressure electrolytic polishing, but its leveling speed is slow.

3. Environmentally friendly chemical polishing of aluminum and aluminum alloy:

It is determined to develop a new environmentally friendly chemical polishing technology based on phosphoric acid monosulfuric acid. This technology should achieve zero emissions of NOx and overcome the quality defects of similar technologies in the past. The key to the new technology is to add some compounds with special effects in the base fluid to replace nitric acid. For this reason, the tri-acid chemical polishing process of aluminum needs to be analyzed first, especially the role of nitric acid should be studied. The main role of nitric acid in aluminum chemical polishing is to suppress pitting corrosion and improve polishing brightness. Combined with the chemical polishing test in pure phosphoric acid monosulfuric acid, it is believed that the special substance added in phosphoric acid monosulfuric acid should be able to inhibit pitting corrosion and slow down overall corrosion, and at the same time it must have good leveling and brightening.

Die-Casting Aluminum Parts

Die-Casting Aluminum Parts

4. Electrochemical surface strengthening treatment of aluminum and its alloys:

The process, performance, morphology, composition, and structure of aluminum-like alloys to form ceramic-like amorphous composite conversion coatings by anodic oxidation deposition of aluminum and its alloys in a neutral system, and preliminary discussion of the film formation process and mechanism. In the Na_2WO_4 neutral mixed system, the concentration of the film-forming accelerator is controlled to be 2.5-3.0g / l, the concentration of the complexing film agent is 1.5-3.0g / l, and the concentration of Na_2WO_4 is 0.5-0.8g / l. The current density is 6-12A / dm-2, and weak stirring can obtain a complete and uniform gray series inorganic non-metallic film layer with good gloss. The thickness of the film layer is 5-10μm and the micro hardness is 300—— 540HV, excellent corrosion resistance. The neutral system has good adaptability to aluminum alloys, and can form films on a variety of aluminum alloys such as rust-proof aluminum and wrought aluminum.

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