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Proper method of transportation for ductile iron manhole covers

Sep. 09, 2019

Proper method of transportation for ductile iron manhole covers

The appearance of Ductile iron manhole cover brings convenience to our life and is welcomed by consumers. Generally, when we buy ductile iron manhole cover, the manufacturer will deliver it. Therefore, in order to avoid the damage of the manhole cover in the transportation process, certain measures should be taken. The following Aluminum manhole covers factory would like to share with us .

1. When loading and unloading ductile iron manhole cover with forklift, it is necessary to separate the ductile iron manhole cover from the fork teeth, so as to avoid violent collision between the fork teeth and the lateral flat steel of the cover.

2. Fix it with mounting clip. At least four sets of each plate shall be used to prevent the manhole cover. Installation clip, for the span of the larger plate, can be used to install a few more supports.

Ductile iron manhole cover

Manhole Cover-04

3. During loading, unloading and transportation, do not cause the unpacked state, but pile up regularly and neatly. It is suggested to adopt nylon lifting belt for loading and unloading.

4. However, if hoisting with wire rope, we must pay attention to protect the edge flat steel of the ductile iron manhole cover and the custom Ductile iron Grating to prevent the outside of the cover from being damaged and causing serious deformation.

5. The manhole cover bears flat steel and even flat steel only in the direction of the height of the manhole cover and perpendicular to the plane direction of the manhole cover. It has high strength and unreasonable lateral force will lead to deformation or damage.

6. In consideration of the convenience of user acceptance and installation, the side with sign and steel number shall be placed on the side for easy viewing.

The above content is our for nodular cast iron manhole covers the process of loading and unloading, and transportation must be protective measures, believe that all of us for our products have more understanding, the correct installation is also very important, if you are interested in our products, you can feel free to contact us.