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What are the production equipment for cast iron manhole covers?

Aug. 01, 2019

Cast iron manhole cover production equipment

Ductile iron manhole covers have high strength and good toughness, so they are about 30% lighter than gray cast iron manhole covers of the same type. Nodular cast iron brand qt500-7, hot iron temperature is not lower than 1456℃, in the spheroidizing treatment with rare earth ferrosilicon magnesium alloy and choose low sulfur coke, spheroidizing level up to three. What is the production equipment of cast iron manhole cover? The following cast iron parts factory China manhole cover to tell you.

1, shearing machine, need to use the shearing machine to shear.

2, leveling machine, used for leveling the flatness of cast iron materials. Materials that have been cut must bend, including during processing, which requires leveling.

3, Sander. Remove impurities such as oxide skin or oil from cast iron.

Ductile iron manhole covers

Composite resin square manhole cover

4, oil removal tools. It could be a tank, put lye in. Rain-hole covers are usually metal materials, especially steel, the surface is oil (metal processing coolant, end oil protection, etc.). Other nonferrous materials may not have oil. This step can be omitted

5, Induction furnace, sintering furnace, etc. Mainly refers to heating equipment

6, Rolling mill. Very important equipment.

7, Relevant tests shall be carried out after the materials are made.

8. The composition, particle size (particle size distribution) and particle shape of the powder should be tested

To sum up, the cast iron manhole cover production equipment is like this, we hope to bring you help, if you have other questions, please contact the manhole cover manufacturer, we will answer for you.