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Pump Shell
Pump ShellPump Shell

Aluminum Pump Casing

Aluminum pump shell

Material: aluminum

Process: die casting

MOQ: 100 pieces

Payments: T/T or D/P or L/C

Supply ability: 1000 pieces per month

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Pump ShellPump Shell


1. The pump shell is made by injecting aluminum or an aluminum alloy into the mold under pressure. This process is suitable for mass production of parts and at a lower cost.
2. Aluminum castings are a process of injecting aluminum alloy under pressure, which can produce large quantities of parts at low cost, and aluminum die casting is also a process with very high resource utilization.
3. A complete cycle can vary from one second for small components to minutes for a casting of large part, making aluminum die casting the fastest technique available for producing precise aluminum & aluminum alloy parts.


Application of aluminum pump casting:

Chemical and petroleum industry, agriculture industry, mining and metallurgy industry, electric power industry, mechanical industry and other fields


Product nameAluminum pump housing
Drawing formatCAD, PDF, STP, DWG or Sample
Die casting machine typeFrom 160T to 1250T die cast machines
Production ProcessMould making, melting, Die casting, Deburring, Drilling holes, Tapping, CNC Machining and X-ray inspection, Assembly, Packing
Surface TreatmentPolishing, Anodizing, Powder Coating etc
Die casting materialsaluminum alloy, A360, A380, A383, AlSi10Mg, AlSi9Cu3, ADC3, ADC6, ADC12, ZL104 and ZL107 or Customized
ToleranceAs customer’s requested


Delivery TimeWithin 30 Working Days
PackagingCarton, Wooden box, Steel pallet or Customized
ShippingBy Sea or Air

Aluminum Pump Casing

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Aluminum Pump Casing

Aluminum Pump Casing

Aluminum Pump Casing